Bonnie morning ...

12th January 2018 (Friday) .... 10.00    Although it’s overcast, the cloud layer is higher, and it’s therefore much brighter, than it was yesterday, with a clear sky towards the South;   a bonnie morning ..... much the same as up in Fife, except we are warmer.    Everything is quiet outside;  the ‘plan’ was to stay ‘in’, and warm in an effort to shake off the remnants of the cold;  however I’m feeling perky so the ‘plan’ may change ....  I’ll see how the weather is later.

18.00     Our weather remained dour all day.... in fact the sky became ‘heavier’, and it looked like it was raining on the South Downs.    I’ve had a happy day staying in!    Feeling creative, and, it being a perfect kind of day, I made a batch o’ scones.... then ate a couple.    Funny thing is that the scones I made are to the same recipe (the Bero book) that I use at home, yet they taste better made in Janice’s oven.    It, Janice’s oven, is electric, and fan assisted .... the temperature seems much more accurate than my gas fired one.    Having said that “I’m happy”, the dour weather has had a side effect, that makes me not so happy;   I’ve lost my voice!     This, to me, is the equivalent of President Trump having his nuclear finger cut orf!     Catastrophic!    I bought pills and stuff from the Chemist yesterday ....apparently there’s a lot of it about... no, not the pills n’ stuff..sore throats etc.   I’ve no doubt there’s loads of ‘pills n’ stuff about too!     Jings, that was a long winded way to say that I’ve got a sore throat!

21.30     Tomorrow I think I might continue with staying ‘in’ and warm, in an effort to shake off this sore throat/cold.   I’m enjoying googling Uckfield’s history;   WWII Uckfield Home-guard Bn should be interesting....  (Uckfield is well within Dad’s Army territory)..... and would have been in the ‘front’ very quickly if the Germans had invaded.

Sussex is forecast to have a few ‘fleeting sunny spells’ tomorrow, and it is to feel cold in a  brisk east wind..... yes, I think another day in’ and warm, could be a good idea.    I’ll begin by having an early night in bed;   Rebus is on TV so I’ll watch that.


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