Hmmmm .... dreich weather.

21st January 2018 (Sunday) .... Hmmmmm ... we have “bleak Sussex” this morning;   foggy and wetness ....  a grand morning for staying ‘in’, drinking tea!    I’m looking forward to going to Geoff and Pauline’s for Sunday lunch;  this is an absolutely perfect day for nice food and blethering.    The weather is set to start improving later on today, with warm air coming in from the Atlantic;   tomorrow we could have ‘sunny spells’.    ‘JB’ is off tomorrow and Tuesday, so we might be able to
Geoff, Pauline and 'The Boy'.
go for a run in the car, and have lunch somewhere.

20.00     Geoff and Pauline live in Horam, a village 12 miles east of Uckfield. Unfortunately with the weather being as it was I didn’t see much of the village, but it is on the edge of Ashdown Forest, and I imagine it would be a bonnie place to wander round. 
Pauline, who is an excellent cook, had prepared a lamb roast for lunch, and it was ‘out of this world’.     This was followed by a scrumptious trifle: “Puku”, bless his flabby six pack, is a contented puku tonight.   We spent a grand afternoon, eating lovely food, and blethering;  the ideal way to spend a day like we’ve had in Sussex today.    Pauline and Geoff are a lovely couple, and work perfectly as a team in the kitchen.   When we left Horam the rain was lashing down, but, by the time we got to Uckfield, we had driven (Janice was driving) out of the worst of it.     This rain is clearing eastwards.... as was forecast:   it should be dry with the chance of sunny spells tomorrow.
I’ve had a lovely day today;   the weather might well have been cr ... er ... abominable, but we never noticed it;  in fact I didn’t realize it had been raining, as heavy as it was, until were going out to the car.

Nae definite ‘plan’ for tomorrow, though as stated above, ‘JB’ and I might go out if the weather is reasonable.


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