Happy,.... and busy morning .....

18th January 2017 (Thursday) .... 15.00    I was ‘plan-less’ when I tumbled out of bed this morning at 08.00, but Janice, who is excellent at coming up
Janice ... in The Pantry Cafe, Newick.
with ‘plans’,  said “there’s a new Waitrose Supermarket in Haywards Heath, and I fancy having a look around it, do you want to come with me!”    I thought about it, for a nano second, and said “Yes”.   I had thought about doing the ironing.... but hey ho .... that could wait!

One breakfast,...  and 25 minutes later, we set orf for Haywards Heath, on a gorgeous Sussex morning.    It had been windy during the night, but the wind had moderated, and it was, by now, a pleasant Spring like morning.

Supermarkets down here in the south are big, but this one, being new and big, is imposing, and roomy,....  with escalator access from the car park to the main
Mmmm.... where do I begin?
entrance.      We had a good ‘browse’, and bought haggis for our Burns Supper at “No 1”, plus a few other bits that Janice found.     I’d say that Waitrose prices are higher than average, but there is a huge choice, of nigh on everything;  except rice wraps!   Rice wraps they did not have .... and neither did Sainsbury’s, as we were to find out later!     Janice’s main ‘plan’ was to have a look around Waitrose then go to Sainsbury’s to do her ‘main’ shopping;  Sainsbury’s is about 200 metres from Waitrose as the crow flies;   the circuitous, human route was around 600 metres.
If anything Sainsbury’s Super Store (Haywards Heath) is bigger than Waitrose, .... it is huge, but older and therefore slightly more old fashioned looking;   I felt more at home in Sainsbury’s.    Our Leven Sainsbury’s must be only a third of the size of the Haywards Heath super store, and my wee legs were tired by the time we were finished.    They’d had their exercise for today;   and were letting me know it!    Janice got all the shopping that she wanted, which wasn’t much considering we’d been in two huge supermarkets. 
On the way home we stopped at Flix’s sisters Cafe, ‘The Pantry’, in Newick.   ‘The
New Waitrose, Haywards Heath.
Pantry’ is a slightly bigger version of The Harbour House in Elie.    Janice had a piece  (big) of Victoria Sponge, I had quiche;  we both had hot chocolate, with cream.... plus I had to have marsh mallows!

My wee legs need a rest so I am now orf to have ‘50’.... and a quick, interesting and enjoyable morning.

20.00     Everybody is shattered tonight;   it must be the change in the weather.    It will be an early night in bed for this boy.  

 Michael organised my train ticket today, and I travel home to the Royal Burgh on the 31st January, arriving at Kirkcaldy at 15.00 in the afternoon.     It never fails:   I come down to Sussex feeling under the weather, Janice sorts me out, and I feel ‘new’ again;  then I bumble orf home!     Janice’s magic has managed to get me moving again after four weeks of a cold/flu thing.    That said I might have a rest day tomorrow!


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