Overcast .... but warm for the time of year.

29th January 2018 (Monday) .... 13.30    It’s been overcast all morning, but warm (12c).    I’ve been downtown, done a wee bit shopping and had a cuppa.    I thought I’d set myself up for ‘the hill’, but oh my word .... that hill, Uckfield High Street, was hard work today.   The weather forecast is not good for the afternoon;   a band of rain is forecast to arrive in 77 minutes.

21.00    The rain arrived five minutes early;  they certainly do accurate, daily weather forecasts, down here.    I assume that there will be a lot of automatic weather stations dotted around the Southeast.    The sky has cleared, and we have the chance of frost in the morning.

My packing is near enough finished;   with two boxes to be posted tomorrow.    They should arrive at Ivy, possibly on Friday, but more likely Monday.     All that remains is the suitcase and rucksack..... and... they should be a manageable weight.


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