Sunny Sussex; about 2000 feet away ......

15th January 2018 (Monday) .... 10.00     Mmmmmm ... it’s “wet and windy”, as was forecast for the Southeast this morning, but.... the rain should move
The 'Boy' with half pint!
away after lunch, leaving us with ‘sunny spells’ and showers:   it is not a morning that has me wanting to go out!     The good news is that my throat is feeling better, but I still feel under the weather ..... probably because of the weather.    Another day of rest won’t go amiss;  though I do ‘plan’ to go out in the afternoon.... even if it’s only for a turn round the block.   In the meantime I’ll do some browsing on the computer.  

22.30    Oh my word ..... I have been a busy boy, on what I thought would be another ‘rest day’.    The weather was seriously dreich up until about midday, when the wind increased in strength, bringing heavy showers with it.     By this time John and I were down in Eastbourne ASDA’s, where John does his shopping:   on the way down, it’s 18 miles from Uckfield to Eastbourne, the sun had broken through and it looked like being a nice, if windy afternoon.    Not to be ..... the first heavy shower rattled across Eastbourne as we were leaving the ASDA Car Park, and they continued more or less for the remainder of our time in Eastbourne.     We went along ‘The Front’, moored up the car, and had lunch in an Italian style restaurant.    I took a few photos from the ‘Wish
Tower’ area, then set of ‘home’ to Uckfield.    We were on a mission! 

 ‘The Darkest Hour’ is showing at the Uckfield cinema, and, on the way to Eastbourne, we had stopped to buy tickets for the early evening show at 18.00, so had to be home in time for that;   and in time for me to have a quick ‘50’.   We were back home with plenty time to spare.

There have been umpteen films made with different actors portraying Winston Churchill, but Gary Oldman manages to do it perfectly;  more or less as I would imagine Churchill would have been at the time.    The whole film covers the period of time immediately before he becomes the British (not just “England’s”) Prime Minister, until he makes his “we’ll fight them on the beaches” speech;   about three weeks in real time.    The film last for 165 minutes, and I was absorbed the whole time .... it seemed ‘realistic’ .... apart from the bit where he travels on the London Underground. 
Eastbourne this afternoon.
All films look, and sound, better in a cinema... but I’ll happily watch it again when it comes out on the television.

I’m going orf to bed a tired, but happy bunny, tonight.    My sore throat virus is on the mend;  and I will be glad to see the end of it.    It has been a long haul since Christmas, with first a cold, then the sore throat thing.   Not good.
Our weather is Sussex is forecast to be brighter but colder tomorrow;  if I do go out I’ll be welll wrapped up.


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