Overcast and cold ....

11th January 2018 (Thursday) .... 10.00    Oh my word ....we have an overcast and damp start to the morning;  it’s not raining but we get occasional spells
Selfie ....  in Uckfield High Street yesterday.
of light drizzle..... and the wind, which is light, is from the Northeast.     The problem with a Northeast wind is that the smoke and pollution of the London area drifts down to bonnie Sussex;   so it’s not a morning for going out and about.  The sky might break up, so that I can go out in a wee while, but  it’s not very promising looking at present.

21.00     I did go out....down to Tesco’s for some ‘bits and pieces’, then into The Centre for a bowl of soup and a cuppa.... and a quick blether with Barrie.   It wasn’t really a day for going out, (although the shops were busy) as we had light drizzle on and off most of the day.... and the forecast for tomorrow is more of the same;   a good ‘research’ day I’m thinking.   I’ll have a look at Uckfield in WWII .... had the Germans invaded Britain, Uckfield would have been in the front line.


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