Grey, but interesting, morning ....

9th January 2018 (Tuesday) .... 09.00    We’ve got a grey, and not very exciting looking morning in Sussex, but at least it’s dry.    It’s not the kind of morning to attract this boy outside.... but I will have a walk as far as ‘The Centre’ for a cuppa, and ... I’ll go into the Library to see what they have in the way of local history books.
Entrance to Pevensey Castle.

 14.30     Janice was going downtown, so I got a lift down to the main Car Park, which is not far from my target for this morning .... Uckfield Library.    Uckfield Library is well endowed with Local/Sussex History books;  and the lassie on the desk was very helpful.    She, the lassie on the desk, may be the latest addition to the ever increasing list of girlfriends.... oh ....and I also found a few interesting books.   After the Library my next port of call was Tesco’s, then into the Centre for a bite to eat.   The Centre provided a pleasant surprise;   Lee-Ann was working.    I did see Barrie but only in the distance, and he was outside while I was inside;  Ted was setting up for a NADFAS (National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts Societies) meeting this evening.    I enjoyed a bowl of soup, a roll, a read of my paper, and then bumbled my back  to “No 1”;  this time on foot, and laden with the messages bought in Tesco’s:   I’d forgotten about having to carry them up the hill!..... and was well ready for the cuppa that Janice provided about five minutes after I got ‘home’.

22.00     I’ve had an interesting day .... reading up about old Sussex, and this has been a perfect winter’s day for doing that.    Actually I have also learned how ‘Bird’s Eye’ fish fingers are made:  and the fact that they were introduced to the world at a Brighton Hotel in 1956.    You will be glad to know that our weather is going to be, ‘brighter with sunny spells later’ tomorrow;   and more importantly the wind is going back to the West... for  the past few days is has been from the East;  East, as most of you know, is not my favourite wind direction.


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