Happy days are here again .... it's sunny Sussex!

25th January 2018 (Thursday) .... the 259th Anniversary of the birth of Scotland’s Robert Burns.

She asked why wedding rings are made of gold,
I ventured thus to instruct her.
Love and lightning are the same,
On earth they glance, from heaven they came,
Love is the soul’s electric flame;   and gold it’s best conductor.

10.30     It’s ‘Sunny Sussex’ this morning, ... oh ... there are a few clouds bumbling over from the West, but nothing to bother about.    I’ll go downtown for a morning walk and
'His' (the grey squirrel) tree.
a cuppa .... I’m going to have chocolate with all the trimmings this morning... and a toasted T-cake.

The local squirrel (grey) has just seen off an interloper that ventured onto his patch.     There’s a big tree in the middle of a bit of grass space;  that’s his tree, and the grass space around it is ‘his’.     Anyway, all in calm again ... the intruder is a fast runner!

20.00     This has been a ‘spring like’ day, and I did enjoy me wander downtown... and that above mentioned chocolate.   All the calories I’m taking in will have to be burnt off when I get back to ‘my’ beach.  I wasn’t doing too badly, regarding putting on
1938 was a good year!
weight, until I caught the throat virus, that stopped me in my tracks.

I went round to visit Joe this afternoon;  Joe, and his wife Sue, are friends of Janice and Michael’s.    Joe is the only person I know that was born on the same day as I was .... the 23 rd March 1983 ... oops .... 1938.    Joe and I had a nice long chat;   and a couple of brandies.     I was getting ready to leaving just as Sue arrived home from a hairdresser appointment, so I got Sue to take the photo of Joe and me..... the porcelain poppy in the photo is one of the ones from the Tower of London display;  which were sold  for charity.

I’m tired tonight, I don’t know why because I haven’t done very much.    The Sussex weather forecast is good for tomorrow, though perhaps with more cloud.


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