Day One of the year 2018 ....

1st January 2018 (Monday)...... 11.00      “Happy New Year” to everyone .... I hope you had an enjoyable time bringing in 2018.  
 I had a nice time .... watching the fireworks on the Embankment (London) ... and
'Our' peaceful beach.
Edinburgh Castle (we recorded one of them).... and chatting, eventually going to bed at 01.45., there were six of us in “No 1”.... Barrie, Derek, Janice, Michael, ‘JB’ and me.     Barrie is a Londoner, who incidentally, worked at Hampton Court Palace, and Derek is a ‘born and bred’ Uckfield boy, and Janice Michael and ‘JB’ all Sussex residents so I found the conversation(s) very interesting.    Yes we had a happy time bringing in 2018.

Oh dear;   this year has started with the same weather that we ended the last one with, in Sussex ..... wind and rain.    This is not a morning for going out, though it should brighten up in the afternoon.

13.00    So far I have only stuck my head outside;  it’s still raining, but I do see some bright sky over the South Downs towards Lewes:  it looks like I’m going to be going for an evening walk if I wait until the rain going off.    I’m certainly not going out in the rain.... right now it’s heavy.   I’ll browse the old maps of Uckfield that I found yesterday.   Actually, now that I think of it, I only looked at the OS site.... I’m now going to see if I can find maps older that the OS ones which start from 1851.  
21.00    This has been a ‘catch up’ sort of day;   I didn’t get to bed until nearly 02.00... which is late for me.    When I’m at Ivy for the New Year I go to bed at my normal time... 22.00;   even on Hogmanay:   having said that I usually wake up at midnight to the sound o fireworks.   By all accounts ‘2018’ was welcomed ‘in’ by much noise in Elie and Earlsferry;  which is disappointing when you think of how peaceful our wee villages are most of the time; .... the only fireworks I heard in Uckfield were the ones on the tele!    There may have been official fireworks ‘downtown’ but no fireworks were set off randomly on the estate.  

The weather forecast, for Sussex, isn’t the most exciting over the first few days of the new year.... mostly cloudy with rain, and lots of wind on Wednesday.

When Barrie asked us last night... actually this morning, what our New Year resolutions were .... my answer was to ‘love more’, which is a resolution that I should be able to keep fairly easily! 


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