Bright and breezy .... and, so is Sussex

3rd January 2017 (Wednesday) .... 10.30    We have a bright and breezy morning in Sussex;   much the same as it is in Fife: having looked at the Fife weather
The Cavendish Hotel Eastbourne.
Cams.    It’s a braw ‘drying day’;   welll maybe just too windy.  

I’m going to bumble downtown... as far as the Centre where I’ll have a bowl of soup and a cuppa.    John and I are leaving for Eastbourne about 14.00 so I’ll make a point of being home in plenty of time.

13.00    I meandered my way downtown.... walking 3.56 kilometres (2.2 miles).    I did some shopping in Tesco’s, and, as planned, had vegetable soup, and a roll, in The Centre.   Both Barrie and Ted were working, and the Cafe was busy.    I’m finding the High Street easier this year, but I take it slowly.    Orf down to make a cuppa, and to let out Bonnie.

23.30    Both ‘JB’ and I had successful missions in Eastbourne;   ‘JB’ got his shopping .... I got some nice photographs of the Eastbourne Bandstand, and the area around it.    With the wind, and the wind chill factor, Eastbourne  was really cold, but there’s plenty
Eastbourne Bandstand.
shelter around the Bandstand and promenade;  that said I was glad to get back to, and into, the car.  ‘JB’ had to get back home to “No1”, to make himself ready for the Staff Christmas Party, in Brighton tonight..... so we didn’t have time for coffee.     Luckily we got out of Eastbourne before the rush hour.... and ‘JB’ caught the Brighton bus planned.
No plans for tomorrow morning;   it depends on what the weather is doing really.    It turned colder today, but at least it has been dry, and the wind has dried up some of the water that’s lying in the fields.    Tomorrow is forecast to be cloudy with the chance of rain.

Isn’t it braw how a touch of sunshine makes us feel better.    I’m plagued with a cough
Eastbourne pier
that the recent cold has left me with, but it’s slowly getting better;   though sometimes it doesn’t sound like it.     ‘JB’ was talking of going somewhere tomorrow afternoon but that all depends on how the Staff Party went;   he may have fallen ‘in love’ tonight.


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