Heavy hail first thing ....

5th January 2017 (Friday) ..... 10.30     Happy me/us .... we have a blue sky moving over, after a morning of heavy hail and rain showers.     In fact I woke up to the noise of hailstones on the roof and wondered what it was.... everything was white for a wee while.    Anyway all that has gone, and we have a sunny Sussex again .... and
Super moon over Largo Law ... photo by Stewart.
colder.   I’m in two minds whether to do a washing .... it looks being dry, but I need a bit more of a breeze.

16.30    We’ve had a lovely end to the afternoon;   and I did my washing, which is near enough dry, and will be ironed after I have a cuppa.    Janice is off down to Brighton, with her friend Janette, to take in the ‘Holiday on Ice’ show, ‘JB’ is working, leaving Bonnie i/c Michael and I.    Actually Michael won’t be home for a wee while so I’ll do the ironing first.    

I got caught in the local ‘school run’ when out for my afternoon walk;  there’s a College and Primary School adjacent to each other, so the school run is busy.... and twice a day.    Of course I had crossed over to the ‘wrong’ side of  London Road, .... and had to get back to the other side eventually.   Luckily a school bus came along and held the traffic up.

21.00    I’m a contented boy tonight, having managed to get a washing done, and ironed.    After Tuna Pasta bake for dinner, Michael and I watched an interesting programme  about the “Cambridge Spies”, the first episode of which had been recorded;  the second episode comes on ‘live’ in half an hour. 
Depending on what the weather is like, we may go out somewhere, either tomorrow or Sunday .... whichever is the better forecast.   As things are it looks like being Sunday, which is forecast to be sunny and cold:  but not as cold as up in Fife.

Must ‘go’ .... slight ‘flap on’ ..... Episode Two (of “Cambridge Spies”) will be coming on in a few minutes!


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