Peaceful morning ....

6th January 2017 (Saturday) ..... 10.00    It’s a grey and quiet morning down here in Sussex ..... one of those mornings when everything seems to be standing
still;  everything that is except a pair of Wood Pigeons in the ‘big tree’, who are ‘in love’ and contemplating beginning a family!    My ‘plan’ is to go for a walk in a wee while.... ‘uptown’ for a change of direction.

16.00     I’m not sure of the compass points from Uckfield;  what I do know is, that  the wind is from a completely different direction to what it was yesterday.    Assuming that London Road points towards London, the wind is coming from the East .... and it is very raw and cold.     I was going to go ‘round the block’, but changed my mind because of the raw air.    It’s strange living on a housing Estate, surrounded by houses, but,  there’s hardly ever anyone to be seen;   today has been particularly quiet.    Actually .... I’ve seen mair activity on Ferry Road!    Perhaps everyone has been resting after the ‘holidays’ .... or nursing  colds.    Even the cars are at anchor,....  now ... that is really strange.    I daresay London Road will be busy.

St Nicolas Church, Pevensey.
23.30     This afternoon I eventually found a ‘stick’ with ‘Sunny Sussex’ photos ....  taken on previous trips to Sussex;  photos that I can use when the weather is dour,  as it has been today, and recently.   Our weather forecast for tomorrow is excellent;  bright, sunny and cold, therefore tomorrows photographs will be current..... and tomorrow’s should be interesting, as we are going to Balcombe viaduct, on the main Brighton to London railway line.

I did, finally, go for a ‘roond the block’ walk .... in the evening;   by the time I got back
St Nicolas Church.
to “No 1” we had drizzle blowing through;   ‘Scotch Mist’ when in Fife!   I then settled down for a nice evening with Janice, Barrie and Michael, chatting about various, interesting, London/Sussex things.

I’d better get away to bed as we’re leaving for Balcombe at 10.00.    I must have  my beauty sleep.    It doesn’t work ..... but I live in hope!    I just need to be kissed and I’ll wake up looking like a ‘Prince’!    


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